The Diver- Allen “The Grouper” Sherrod

Allen “The Grouper” Sherrod

Allen smiles after setting the record at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea in 2011

Was born August 14, 1966. He grew up in Lake County, Florida in the city of Groveland. After graduating from Groveland High School, he became the owner of his own successful roofing company. Along with that, he was the mechanic for his father’s trucking company. In 1987 he joined the Air Force where he specialized in Aircraft Mechanics. After 4 years of service to our country, he was honorably discharged from the Air Force in 1991 and decided to continue his work as a roofer. In 1999 he entered the irresistible world scuba diving, In the year 2000 Allen became a dive instructor and opened his own dive shop called South Lake Divers. Remembering that he had found his true love for the complexities of aviation while in the service, he pursued and successfully obtained his private pilot’s license in 2004 and in 2009 he added a commercial pilot’s license to his list of accomplishments. Always active in his community, Allen ran for public office and was elected to serve as a City Councilman in Groveland, Florida from 2005-2009 and later went on to serve as Vice Mayor for 1 of those years.

After leaving office Allen continued to pursue his love of SCUBA diving and he began training for what would ultimately result in Allen breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for both Open Water Fresh Water and Salt Water Duration Dives.

The scene of Allen’s fresh water record dive

This didn’t happen on the first try. In fact, after 293 hours underwater and 3 attempts that were thwarted because of weather conditions, Allen Sherrod finally broke the fresh water world record of 120 hours in 2011. On September 11, 2011, he entered the water at 8:47am (uniquely enough this was at the exact time that the first plane hit the World Trade Center), and surfaced after 120 hours, 14 minutes and 32 seconds to claim the new world title.

He attempted to break the salt water record that was already set at 48 hours, but again was thwarted due to an approaching hurricane that made the conditions too dangerous to continue. However, in December 2011, he emerged breaking the record at 48 hours 26 minutes. Sherrod’s world record was broken at 49 hours 56 minutes on October 5, 2013. That brings us to the present where Allen “The Grouper” Sherrod’s intention is to break the record at an astounding 55 hours. To top it all off, Sherrod will be able to communicate with his team and be heard clearly, while underwater using the SCULS unit that he himself invented. SCULS is a Self Contained Underwater Loud Speaker technology that will be responsible for and soon be recognized as the advancement of the underwater scuba diving experience and communication.